Picture / Disk

The image behind the music.

Does the world need this? This outgrowth of the meandering, continuous, repeatedly self-fertilizing art-music-theater scene of the Berlin/Paris/Ann harbour Boheme?This series of favorites, rarities, and one-offs which emerge from somewhere between record label and art edition? Does the world really need Picture/Disk?

The question must be put the other way around: How could this not have happened for so long ??? A series of picture-discs - that wonderful format - in which a picture in the form of a record rotates on the turntable - only in this case without an image.The record is transparent, that which should be on it, is behind it, in the sleeve. On the record: exclusive music by a selected musician, behind the record: numbered works by a selected artist. All hand cut, not pressed, all signed, all in dialog with each other. And everything is limited to 23 copies per release.

Why 23? Because it's such a beautiful number, a figure like a numbered list which is missing the 1.

Behind it all is Hanno Leichtmann, maybe known through his project Static, as the free-house producer of the VSQ (the Vulva String Quartett), as part of the electronic trio Groupshow, or as 1/3 of the trio Denseland. For him Picture/Disk is the fulfillment of a heart's desire: a labor of love for label lovers by a lover of labels.

Because the world needs this, again and again: images and music, in dialog with each other.


Florian Sievers ( Translation: Pablo Mandelbrot )


a recordlabel by hanno leichtmann

23 copies
23 editions

exclusive tracks on 7" vinyl